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I hate flu
how crappy i felt

I hate flu, I hate flu I hate flu~~~~

First It'll come with sore throat, then comes the flamm & the not-amusing loss of voice. The worse part is when your body temp rises (Fever on Saturday & Sunday, why it has to be on weekend OTL) & nose block + the terrible headache that will last for several days. It's been 3 days already, the other stages has passed but the mild fever, flu+nose block & headache still lingers...

I've slept with a plastic bag of ice on my head for 2 days in the row already~~~ with aircon on and in a blanket wrapped like a cocoon.

Hope i can get well soon so that I can fight all the voices in my head. Dark, Light, Mie & particularly, especially Hanz, who constantly crossdresses as a smecxy nurse since I got this blasted flu OTL


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